Mission Statement

HMAA Mission

HMAA was organized to provide an ethical, convenient, commercially viable and cost-effective venue to offer the following to all businesses and persons involved in the maritime, oil & gas, energy and transportation industries:

  • A central organization for the training of qualified, experienced individuals in the rules and skills for arbitration of maritime disputes, with emphasis on highest ethical standards.
  • A central registry of members, with relevant information on each member open to the industry to aid all parties to a dispute in the selection and appointment of arbitrators, mediators and expert witnesses.
  • Information for those interested in joining the association is also available on the site. The website contains a roster of current members, clearly marked to identify those members which have completed a HMAA course of training as qualified arbitrators.
  • A published set of Rules for Arbitration, to inform all parties as to how arbitrations will be conducted and has been designed to promote fair, speedy and cost-effective arbitrations. Available on this website.
  • An alternative forum for the cost-effective and efficient resolution of disputes.

Our mission includes the task of fostering among the industry we serve, the motivation to choose this venue for their arbitrations and mediations and to negotiate to seek language in charter parties, booking notes, and other relevant contracts to include provision for the choice of "Houston Arbitration" and "HMAA Rules to apply" as an option for the parties involved.