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Bas Coppes is a graduate of Maritime Institute de Ruyter asa Maritime Officer with a double Bachelor degree in Navigation (1st degree Mate) and Engineering (1st degree Engineer). After graduating at MIR spent several years on board the legendary Dutch ocean-going salvage tugs, large trailer hopper suction dredgers (THSD) and multi purposes offshore vessels.


Shiprepair & conversions

Upon returning to shore worked for Damen Shiprepair in Rotterdam as an Estimator / proposal engineer involved in major vessel overhauls, main engine exchanges  and conversions and dealing with the technical, commercial and contractual aspects of shiprepair in global shipping,dredging and offshore industry.


Salvage & Wreck removal

The inevitable return to sea came in the way of joining SMIT Salvage as a salvage master. In this position was heavily involved in major salvage operations around the world and in 2005, as a result of Hurricane Katrina & Rita carried out many salvage operations in the Gulf of Mexico mostly involving Jack Up drilling rigs.


Offshore installation

As Marine Operation Manager in charge of the positioning and installation of Gravity Based Structure the Ruyter on the North Sea for Heerema. As DP operator was involved in trenching the NorFra pipeline.


Commercial & Contracts manager

Later in 2007, joined the salvage start-up from heavy lift company Mammoet as their commercial & contract manager and three years later established Mammoet Salvage Americas Inc, located in Houston. In this role negotiated several Lloyds Open Forms and wreck removal contracts and negotiated dozens of BIMCO contracts for offshore vessels, diving support vessels, heavy lift crane vessels, tankers (for STS) barges, tugs and dredgers.



As president for Mammoet Salvage Americas, managed a 4 yearlong winning arbitration in New York over a payment dispute.


Expert witness, Depositions

As expert witness was asked to provide expert opinion in court and was deposed in Jones act injury cases.

Business Development & Governments

In 2017 joined Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. with the mission to develop the casualty response department. Success came after securing the hurricane recovery works from Hurricane Harvey and Irma in 2017 and Hurricane Michael in 2018 alongside the United States Coast Guard. Worked government agencies and NGO such as with Canadian Coastguard, Ministry of Environments of British Columbia, Ministry of Fisheries, National Park the Galapagos in Ecuador.